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Deadpool Video Game Trailer

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Marvel’s crazy, smart-ass assassin Deadpool is looking to talk some more smack in his own video game. Hopefully his character in the game is on point because he’s got one hell of a personality as you can already tell by the trailer, not to mention he’s a killing machine. Deadpool is set to drop for all consoles June 25, 2013.


Ryan Reynolds Says “DeadPool” Movie Must Be R-Rated

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The other day Marvel announced its forthcoming DeadPool video game which looks to be pretty good from the trailer. In the clip above Actor Ryan Reynolds, who played Wade Wilson aka DeadPool in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, speaks on an actual DeadPool live action feature film being made and what he believe’s needs to happen for it to be successful.


Marvel Announces “DeadPool” Video Game Coming Soon

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In the Marvel comic’s DeadPool is a clinically insane bipolar assassin that says some of the slickest/craziest/funniest wise cracks while completely destroying people with his guns and swords. Well now he’s getting his major video game debut and I think his character makes for a good video game.

Hopefully the developers take advantage of this to make the DeadPool experience authentic, fun, and exciting to play. At the end of the trailer you can hear DeadPool taking a shot at Wolverine, this is because the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game is arguably the best comic-turned-video game to hit the market yet. Maybe they learned something from that franchise.

No release date has been made yet.


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