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Fire Links Gangsta Mix Vol. 2 Dancehall Mix

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Today marks Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence from British rule! Having lived on the island for some years before coming back to Chicago, it really became a second home to me. If you EVER get a chance to visit the island please do, even better if you go to the capitol city of Kingston to really get a feel for what the island is about.

Anyway, I originally was going to record a dancehall mix and post it up for everyone to rock out with in celebration of today’s holiday but I was just too busy to get around to it. Instead I’m sharing one of my personal favorite mix tapes from Fire Links Sound that I had picked up in Sovereign Center mall in Kingston.

You’re going to have to download the zip file then extract the folder that has the music in it then just dump it into a playlist in iTunes and you’re good to go. Happy Independence Day to all my Jamaica’s. Bless up and Enjoy

Fire Links Gangsta Mix Vol. 2 Dancehall Mix

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