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Lil Durk w/ DJ MoonDawg on 107.5 WGCI; Talks Jail, Chief Keef Beef?, New Single Snippet

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OF COURSE you know my brother Lil Durk was going to stop by my show on WGCI fresh out of jail for the exclusive interview. We talk circumstances that lead to his latest arrest, why he joined the Coke Boyz movement and possible collaborative projects with French Montana, beef with Chief Keef?, and I got him to play a snippet of his next single “One Night” straight off his phone…yeah we keep it real ’round here!


First Look At Grand Theft Auto V Characters

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Three main characters sounds bad ass. Rockstar introduces: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor for Grand Theft Auto V.  Looks like you’ll be able to play all of them and it will be interesting to see how each story line plays out. Details for the next Xbox will be announced later this month, which leaves us wondering about the timing of GTA’s release date and when the new Xbox will come out. Grand Theft Auto V will be dropped on September 17, 2013. 


Top 5 Most Fashionable Celebrities

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It’s no secret that celebrities set the fashion trends in our generation. From the do’s and don’ts we can find out what’s hot, and what’s not. You want to stay on top of the latest looks for this season? Well, we got you covered! Head over to our forums and see who are the top


The Wolverine Trailer

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Wolverine’s about to tear things up in this next movie! Looks sick. Why would you want to lose your powers though? The movie’s set to drop July 26, 2013.


Xbox 720 Creative Director Reacts On Twitter

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After all the rumors and criticism about the next Xbox being “online only,” Microsoft’s Creative Director Adam Orth somewhat rages on twitter and had to apologize for his tweets. His bottom line is #dealwithit. Orth does make some valid points though.

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